Exciting News! Smarsh acquires Entreda

Because with cyber breaches,

You are guilty until proven innocent!

Let the truth set you free.

Demonstrate your cybersecurity controls and compliance posture anytime, all-the-time on enterprise users, devices and networks

Automate cybersecurity compliance 

on user devices, networks and applications

Monitoring application runs on PC, Mac or mobile devices

Light-weight monitoring application runs on

PC, MAC or mobile devices

Rule-base compliance checks

Rule-based compliance checks

Automated alerts & notifications

Automated alerts & notifications
Real-time auto-remediation of non-compliances detected

Real-time auto-remediation of any non-compliances detected

Comprehensive audit trail and logs

Comprehensive audit trail & logs

Mitigate cybersecurity risk instantaneously

with built-in remediation applications

Remotely access any desktop securely

Remote Desktop

Remotely access any desktop securely

Device authentication and user login management

Password Policy

Enforce password complexity policies on any device

Securely browse the internet from anywhere

Auto VPN

Securely browse the internet from anywhere

Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware

Actively manage anti-virus status on any device

Cyber incident reports & support
Dedicated file storage for mission-critical data

Data Leakage Monitoring

Monitor data leakage to any USB and Cloud drive

Deep visibility into service logs and device analytics

Device Encryption

Actively manage whole disk encryption status on any device

Entreda Unify Cyber Risk Score

Cybersecurity risk score and fine-grained 

compliance analytics in a unified dashboard

Regulatory-approved cybersecurity policy customized to your firm’s implementation.

Entreda Unify IT activity report

Get regulatory reports, event logs, alerts and notifications.

Continuous network vulnerability and automated penetration tests

Stay on top of vulnerability assessments

and compliance mandates.

Stay on top of cyber threats and compliance mandates with our service add-ons
Entreda Unify IT activity report

Adaptive phishing campaigns and personalized security awareness training.

Assess your risk from 3rd party vendors and other business partners

Trusted by thousands of firms, small and large

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