Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What devices are supported?

We currently support desktops, laptops, servers or mobile devices (including tablets and mobile devices). So, WIN/MAC/iOS/Android operating systems are supported.




Q2. Do I need to sign an annual contract?

Yes, all our plans require an annual subscription. The reason we do this is because cybersecurity policy enforcement and compliance is a continuous process. To realize maximum benefit, you need to be committed to the service for at least a year.




Q3. Do you share my data with any 3rd party organizations?

Absolutely not. We do not share your data without your express written consent. We are not looking to monetize on your data. We are a tool to elevate your cybersecurity and compliance levels at your firm.




Q4. Do you delete my data? How far back can you go?

For existing clients, we save the data and logs for at least 10 years. 




Q5. I already have Anti-virus software, do I need Unify?

Unify is complementary to Anti-virus software. Unify makes sure that the Anti-virus software you have installed meets regulatory standards and is configured correctly. If you don’t have Anti-virus software, Unify will remediate this by auto-installing an approved anti-virus software package at no extra charge. Please see this blog post for more information




Q6. I already have VPN software, do I need Unify?

You can continue using any VPN software you prefer. However, in order to use the auto-remediation feature from Unify, you will need to use our VPN software package. Our VPN software automatically turns on when it detects that you are accessing the internet in an unsafe manner. No additional login or set-up needed. We also log all VPN sessions for regulatory compliance.




Q7. I have a cloud desktop set-up, do I need Unify?

Unify is complementary to any Cloud Desktop or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Even if you are accessing a cloud desktop or VDI environment from a laptop, desktop or mobile device, it is important to monitor that device for regulatory compliance. While the cloud desktop or VDI provider can give you a regulatory compliant cybersecurity policy, you still need to ensure that your devices are secure.

Please see this blog post for more information




Q8. I already have Remote Desktop Software, do I need Unify?

You can continue using any Remote Desktop software you prefer. However, Unify has built-in support for Remote Desktop software from the Unify web-based login console. This means, you can login to any device that is enrolled with the Unify software as long it is connected to the internet. Additionally, if you subscribe to the Advanced plan, the same credentials you use for your device logins work on the Unify portal so you don’t have to remember multiple logins. We also log all remote desktop access sessions for regulatory compliance.




Q9. Do you review my cybersecurity policy if I have one?

Yes, as part of the Professional and Advanced plans we will review your existing cybersecurity policy and provide inputs if sections need to be revised or added. However, we recommend using our policy as its auto-enforced with our software.




Q 10. Can I start with one plan and upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can do that. Keep in mind all plans are annual subscription contracts. So, you can upgrade anytime. 




Q 11. I have used other software companies and their customer support is bad, what about your support?

We understand this. Customer support is an integral part of our services offering. We pride ourselves in providing timely support and helping you manage your cybersecurity and compliance process.