Automated HIPAA security risk assessment and mitigation platform


For Healthcare Providers

Top-tier cybersecurity protection
Peace of mind to focus on your business
Reduce compliance and audit preparation time

Achieve top-tier

cybersecurity protection

Reduce compliance and audit preparation time

Gain peace of mind to focus on your business

For Compliance & IT Risk Managers

Achieve industry's best cybersecurity & compliance statistics

Reduce audit and legal costs

Automate policy enforcement

Automate policy enforcement
Industry's best cybersecurity & compliance stats
Reduce audit and legal costs

Why Entreda?

HIPAA, OCR, protection
3 Questions Healthcare Providers

Do you have a written cybersecurity policy?


Do you enforce your policy on employee or contractor devices and networks 24x7?


Can you demonstrate proof of policy enforcement?




Our Value Proposition

Pay-as-you-grow pricing model
Cybersecurity and compliance experts
Award-winning automation platform

Platform built specifically for healthcare firms

HIPAA/OCR cybersecurity compliance reporting

Pay-as-you-grow pricing model

Our customers are affiliated with

hospital association



Our pay-as-you-go pricing plan is designed to meet the needs of small firms with one employee and a couple of devices all the way to firms with hundreds of employees and devices. 

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