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Frequently asked questions


How do I address device configuration issues?

You can fix most device configuration issues by taking advantage of the auto-remediation capability. To enable remediations, contact your Broker-Dealer or Entreda.

How does the Auto-remediation feature work? Do apps get installed without permission?

Every device setting change (remediation) is an “opt-in” meaning that the user will need to accept the change from a prompt that appears on your device. As part of the remediation process the application sends a prompt to the user with a “yes” or “no “option, allowing the user to decide. Whether or not the user accepts the remediation, this gets logged in the dashboard for compliance purposes. The auto-remediation feature only occurs if something is a “fail” and requires administrative privileges on the device.

How does Anti-Virus Auto-Remediation work?

If no anti-virus package is detected, install anti-virus package.

How does Client Firewall remediation work?

Enable client firewall on device if detected to be disabled.

How does Operating System Update remediation work?

Enable operating system update settings to update automatically if detected to be disabled.

How does Password Policy remediation work?

Set password policy on device, to ensure it is compliant with defined password policies.

How does WiFi Remediation work?

(Optional service add-on): Launch a secure encrypted (VPN) session to browse the internet when using a non-secure (non-WPA2) WiFi.

How does Disk Encryption remediation work?

Entreda Unify leverages the operating system’s built-in support for disk encryption (Bitlocker in Windows and FileVault for MAC OS X). If a non-“business class” Windows operating system is used (home/basic version), user needs to upgrade their operating system to a business class operating system (the "business class" OS upgrade typically costs $99 per user).

For users that are failing encryption, Entreda representatives will schedule calls with reps and remote into a handful of devices to configure disk encryption. As each environment is different, need to ensure sufficient data is gathered, before enabling automatic remote disk encryption.

My device is already encrypted, can I still use your Encryption remediation feature?

If your device is already encrypted you can still use our Encryption service it is up to you. If your device is already encrypted and you choose to use our Encryption service please note the following: 1) You will have to fully decrypt your current Encryption service (Note: it is reccomended to have a local IT professional do this process) 2) If you do not have a business grade operating system you will have to upgrade your operating system. For more details on Encryption remediation please see the FAQ titled "How does Disk Encryption Remediation work?


How much personal information will Entreda get when I enroll?

None. Entreda does not obtain any “actual” data. Only metadata is collected, which is data about data. In other words, there is no context and no personal information that Entreda has access to. What Entreda does obtain is information about your security settings. Details of information gathered can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Do I need to be concerned with the performance of my device as the Entreda app is always running in the background?

Entreda has specifically built the Applet to run as a very light weight tool in the background. There are some general guidelines on the system requirements in the guidelines documentation, which are similar to other apps. However, if your device is already on the border of having insufficient resources, installing one more app will further exacerbate this. This can commonly be addressed by disabling start-up programs that are not being used.

Do I require Admin privelages to install the Unify Applet?

When installing the Entreda Unify Applet, user must have full “administrator” privilege. However, user is not required to be an “administrator” for general operation.

If I have a bunch of "fails" due to things I view differently than Entreda (i.e., Window auto updates), won't this look bad on the report?

Entreda’s solution is designed to be customizable. You can create exceptions to Entreda’s “fail” methodology which would essentially prevent your worry of a “bad” looking report for this scenario. These exceptions are logged.

Is Anti-Virus included with the Entreda app? If so, can I cancel my subscription?

The decision as to whether to keep your existing package is yours. Some clients prefer to use their own package. If you don’t have an anti-virus package already installed, then Entreda will install a package.

What are the default password policy settings?

By default the password policy settings are set as follows for Windows & Mac OS X:

Password “complexity”(or “strength”) must contain at least 3 of the following elements:

- Lowercase letter (a through z)

- Uppercase letter (A through Z)

- Numbers (0 through 9)

-Symbols (#$%&, etc.).

The Password Policy must also:

-Password Length: Minimum of 8 characters

-Password Aging Policy: 90 days

I have Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware I am good right?

Anti-virus, anti-malware, client firewalls are only part of the solution. To have a real monitoring solution, you need to perform behavioral analytics and active monitoring of devices. Unify does exactly that.

All my data is in the cloud, do I need your product?

It is a common misnomer that if all your data is in the cloud, the end point device’s role in cyber security defense strategies is absolved. Many recent breaches have shown that through phishing attacks and key loggers one can easily exploit vulnerabilities in end-points and gain access to cloud accts. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect all end-point devices. Remember that security is a layered problem.

If I have a printer issue will you take care of it?

The Unify platform is meant to automate cybersecurity enforcement and compliance. If the printer is a vulnerable component of your overall cybersecurity plan, we will work to resolve it. We don’t trouble shoot printer connectivity issues.

Over the past 30 years this has not been an issue, why now?

There have many changes in the state of IT lately. 1. Increased use of mobile devices, cloud apps and overall dependence on technology. With increase use comes the natural problem of increased vulnerabilities. 2. Regulation changes including increased scrutiny of cyber security best practices. This is on top of all the compliance related activity that exists already. 3. More competition, less time. With more work and less resources, it is imperative to outsource non-core activities. IT and cybersecurity monitoring happens to be one of those activities.


How do I access the reports online?

Reports are available within the Unify Console, under “Reports.” This is in addition to reports being emailed regularly.

Reports indicate that devices don’t have correct settings?

This is most likely due to user(s) not accepting the auto-remediation pop-up notification. User has the ability to accept or not to accept the auto remediation to fix device setting. Occasionally, some settings such as Operating System Updates are handled through other methods (such as RMM tools), and these just need to be noted as an exception.

How do I read the reports sent to my email?

Entreda Unify regularly generates two reports which cover various compliance items for cybersecurity. 1) Security Standards Checklist Report: This report is sent to all users and answers several compliance questions with a “Yes” or a "No." Items in “red” indicate items that need attention. 2) IT Activity Report: These reports are sent out only to the Broker Dealer administrators and give detailed information on non-compliances and other cybersecurity items that are tailored directly to SEC/FINRA cyber guidelines. Items under the “Not so good” section indicate items that need attention. To learn more about how to access these reports on Unify, watch the video below.

Getting Started

How do I generate the Cybersecurity Policy?

Please see the video below for instructions on how to generate your Cybersecurity Policy.

Note: In addition to having a link sent to you, you can also find the Cybersecurity Policy icon on your dashboard if you login to

How do I create my Unify account and on-board my Users and Devices?

Getting setup with Entreda Unify is a two-step process. 1) Create your Unify account: You will receive an email from your Broker Dealer with a link that will walk you through the account creation process once you sign up with our services. If you haven't received the email, contact your Broker Dealer administrator. 2) Enroll your device: Install the Unify applet on the devices you want to monitor. Detailed instructions on how to get setup with Entreda Unify can be found by logging into -> navigating to the Support Page -> and downloading the "Device Enrollment Guide"

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