Entreda launches Service Delivery Platform for Cloud Service Providers.

Entreda Spells Opportunity for Cloud Services Providers

Announces First Comprehensive SME/Franchise/ROBO IT-as-a-Service Platform Including Fail-safe Backup, Managed Security, Hybrid Architecture & More

October 25, 2011, Menlo Park, CA: Entreda Inc. today announced the launch of the Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service, a revolutionary new offering for cloud services providers (CSPs) including carriers & broadband ISPs, cloud IaaS &hosting vendors, vertical & specialty MSPs and more. By deploying the Entreda platform as an enhancement to their existing SME line-of-business, CSPs can close the SME IT support gap by delivering comprehensive and affordable managed IT-as-a-Service for their customers while generating a lucrative stream of incremental revenue.

"Entreda is committed to helping cloud services providers (CSPs) close the SME IT support gap and help drive SME cloud adoption by delivering affordable enterprise-grade IT-as-a-Service", said Farshad Ghaffari, Co-founder of Entreda. "On today's fragmented and silo-centric vendor landscape, SMEs often have to choose from among a salad bar of incompatible point solutions for backup, security and other core IT capabilities, or choose to go without essential disaster recovery and business continuity protection. With the launch of the Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service, those days are gone. By augmenting their existing SME initiatives with the Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service, cloud services providers can generate new value-added services income for their stakeholders," Ghaffari added.

"As an investor in Entreda,I am pleased to see Entreda's vision of IT-as-a-Service come to fruition with the launch of the Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service", said Jens Horstmann, Managing Director of Crestlight Venture Productions. "Entreda is now well-positioned to help carriers and cloud services providers drive incremental revenue on their networks and serve the needs of 21st century SMEs," Horstmann added.

About the Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service Designed from the ground up to enable cloud services providers to deliver affordable IT-as-a-Service to SMEs, the hybrid architecture Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service includes 4 components as follows:

Entreda Connector Appliance: An intelligent, self-intalling hybrid cloud appliance that provides on-premise and remote IT services to SMEs including managed backup & recovery, firewall protection, network monitoring and more. The zero-touch Entreda HybridSync Appliance is managed by the system operator (i.e. service provider) on behalf of the SME, and can be configured and customized based on the SME's requirements.

Entreda IT-as-a-Service Suite: A unified suite of must-have IT capabilities that streamlines an SME's operations and closes the SME IT support gap while eliminating the SME's dependence on legacy point solutions in backup/recovery, security, IT alerts and more. The ITaaS Suite can be customized to the needs of the system operator and upgraded to include enhanced functionality for the age of the cloud, including SaaS application acceleration, private cloud application hosting, app filtering and more.

Entreda Subscriber Enrollment Engine (SEE): An authentication widget to enable SMEs to monitor, support and receive alerts on all client devices enrolled in a given service subscription. The SEE provides visibility for system operators, customers and IT staff for all enrolled devices.

Entreda Management Console: A cloud management and automation portal enabling an SME or delegated IT consultant to configure and provision all services provided by the Entreda IT-as-a-Service Suite and Entreda HybridSync Appliance . The management console is customized for service delivery over a given provider's network.

The Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service can be white-labeled or co-branded by an Entreda IT-as-a-Service partner, consistent with a partner's enhanced cloud services strategy. Multiple business model and revenue-sharing options are available.

About Entreda Entreda provides next-generation IT-as-a-Service infrastructure and applications to telecom carriers, cloud hosting vendors and managed services providers. TheEntreda Unify IT-as-a-Service, our flagship offering, enables our service delivery partners to provide enterprise-grade IT to SMEs, thereby closing the SME IT support gap while laying the foundation for secure migration to a cloud future. Entreda is based in California's Silicon Valley with field offices in the Asia-Pacific region. For more information contact us at info@entreda.com or visit us at www.entreda.com


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