Singtel & Entreda to offer Cloud-based IT Services for SMEs.

Innovative Partnership Makes IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Robust, Easy & Affordable

November 28, 2011 Menlo Park, CA: Entreda Inc. and Singtel today announced that the two companies have launched a joint initiative to deliver affordable next-generation cloud-managed IT services to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Through the alliance, Singtel and Entreda will provide unified IT-as-a-Service to SMEs which includes fail-safe backup & recovery services for every device in the SME's network, firewall & VPN protection, non-stop network monitoring, 24/7/365 action alerts, and optional private cloud hosting with access to 3rd party appstore services.

"We are pleased to work with Entreda to deliver cloud-based IT services for SMEs," said Alvin Kok, SingTel's Head of Infocomm Services. "The scalability, reliability and performance of our services will enable businesses to be more agile, reduce their operating costs significantly and operate more productively."

"It is with great pride that we enter into this new IT-as-a-Service partnership with Singtel," said Farshad Ghaffari, Co-founder of Entreda. "The Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service was designed for visionary telecom providers like Singtel----As an enabler of new value-added cloud services for SMEs, the fastest growing segment in the global economy. It's a win/win/win all around. SMEs win by gaining access to secure, affordable enterprise-grade IT capability---Singtel wins by driving new incremental revenue over their network and cloud services infrastructure---And Entreda wins by gaining a world class technology and marketing partner in 6 distinct geographies,"Ghaffari concluded.

About the Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service Designed from the ground up to enable telecom carriers and cloud hosting companies to provide affordable IT-as-a-Service to SMEs, the Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service includes 4 components as follows: Entreda Connector Appliance: An intelligent, self-intalling hybrid cloud appliance that provides on-premise IT services to SMEs including backup & recovery, firewall protection, network monitoring and more. The Entreda HybridSync Appliance is remotely managed by the system operator (i.e. service provider) on behalf of the SME, and can be configured and customized based on the SME's requirements.

Entreda IT-as-a-Service Suite: A unified suite of must-have IT capabilities that streamlines an SME's operations while eliminating the SME's dependence on legacy point solutions in backup/recovery, security, IT alerts and more. The ITaaS Suite can be customized to the needs of the system operator and upgraded to include enhanced functionality for the age of the cloud, including SaaS application acceleration, private cloud application hosting and app filtering.

Entreda Subscriber Enrollment Engine: An authentication applet to enable SMEs to monitor, support and receive alerts on all client devices enrolled in a given service subscription.

Entreda Management Console: A hybrid cloud-focused management and automation portal enabling an SME or delegated IT consultant to configure and provision all services provided by the Entreda IT-as-a-Service Suite and Entreda HybridSync Appliance . The management console is customized for service delivery over a given provider's network. The Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service can be white-labeled or co-branded by an Entreda IT-as-a-Service partner, consistent with a partner's enhanced cloud services strategy. Multiple business model and revenue-sharing options are available.

About Entreda provides next-generation IT-as-a-Service infrastructure and applications to telecom carriers, cloud hosting vendors and managed services providers. The Entreda Unify IT-as-a-Service, our flagship offering, enables our service delivery partners to provide enterprise-grade IT to SMEs, thereby streamlining their operations while laying the foundation for their secure migration to a hybrid cloud future. Entreda is based in California's Silicon Valley.

About Singtel Singtel is Asia's leading communications group providing a portfolio of services including voice and data solutions over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms as well as infocomm technology and pay TV. The group has presence in Asia and Africa with more than 383 million mobile customers in 25 countries, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand. It also has a network of 36 offices in 19 countries and territories throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.


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