Entreda Launches AI-Powered Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation Platform for Healthcare Firms

Entreda Unify delivers 24x7 cybersecurity policy enforcement and HIPAA compliance for users, networks and devices.

Entreda today announced the availability of its second generation cybersecurity risk mitigation platform for healthcare firms. Developed specifically to meet the needs of growing healthcare companies, Unify enables:

1. Continuous cybersecurity vulnerability assessments of people, processes and technology including networks, applications and devices (including mobile devices) used by employees or contractors 2. Real-time, context-based remediation for any non-compliances detected using integrated security apps 3. HIPAA compliance reports and real-time notifications all accessible from a dashboard.

With escalating cyber threats, healthcare providers are required to demonstrate compliance with cybersecurity guidelines from HIPAA, OCR and state securities regulatory agencies. In a recent poll of 223 Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Security Officers and Chief Compliance Officers at healthcare providers, 13% saying they are targeted by external hack attempts about once a day, another 12% with about two or more attacks per week. More concerning, 16% of healthcare organizations said they cannot detect in real-time if their systems are compromised. Cybersecurity and compliance solutions today are highly fragmented which results in highly inefficient, error-prone or complex governance practices.

"Unify is unique in its ability to automate security and compliance enforcement for healthcare providers,” said Jonathan Gavin, Envi Solutions, a premier managed security services provider for healthcare firms. “It greatly reduces the burden for our clients who would otherwise need to manually check their systems to confirm that HIPAA and OCR regulatory guidelines are properly implemented.”

“With Entreda’s Unify platform, healthcare firms get a cutting-edge software platform to ensure continuous cybersecurity policy enforcement and risk mitigation per HIPAA guidelines,” said Sid Yenamandra, CEO and Co-founder at Entreda. “Most of all, healthcare firms can finally demonstrate their cybersecurity compliance posture to key stakeholders with the peace of mind that they are doing everything possible to protect mission-critical information and assets.”

Continuous Security Risk Assessment Leveraging Behavioral Analytics: Leveraging user behavioral data gathered from thousands of active users under management, Entreda has developed decision-trees to automate cybersecurity and compliance workflows at scale. The Unify platform is based on a patented architecture that combines heuristics-based user behavioral analytics, centralized service policy management, and extensible IT services workflows. The benefits of this unique architecture include intelligent IT service and compliance automation, enterprise-grade security, plug and play deployment model, anywhere or anytime access, service extensibility, and single-pane-of-glass management for users or their service partners such as compliance managers and IT auditors serving them.

Built-in Security Applications Enable Security Workflows, By Default: Whether a user chooses to work entirely from their local network, or instead prefers to do some or all of their work over the Internet using online or web programs and disk storage in the cloud, Unify for Healthcare adapts to any configuration and office workflow. With the rise of mobile devices, users want and often need the ability to work any time from any location. Some routinely travel to meet with patients, others want to work from home and most would like the ability to securely access client data and files from any location. Unify’s compliance app runs on each of the user’s computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices, which are in turn monitored by Entreda’s Unify cloud-based policy enforcement engine. Any non-compliances detected on the end-points such as disabling of firewalls, system patches, anti-virus applications or the installation of peer-to-peer software are identified in real-time and remediated instantly, without requiring time-consuming IT interventions.

Unify for Healthcare protects users while they work online from on any device, anytime. For example, while WiFi is widely available, it is not always secured to the WPA2 standard that is required for compliance. Unify’s Cloud VPN make any WiFi secure by creating a virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts all data exchanged between the user’s device and Entreda’s secure VPN server gateway in the cloud. The Unify VPN app is automatically enabled when a user logs in-to a non-WPA2 WiFi network or a public hotspot.

When traveling or working outside the office, a user may need access to computers, files, printers, fax machines or other online resources that are only available in the office. Unify’s Remote Desktop application gives them remote access their office resources exactly as if they were sitting in front of their office computer.

Data security and leakage especially on remote users is a difficult policy to enforce. With the increased use of popular file-sharing apps such as Dropbox, Box or Sugar Sync, cybersecurity vulnerabilities are rising rapidly. Unify’s intelligent data leakage monitoring service catalogs all file-sharing apps and USB drive connections. Additionally, Unify can document all file transfers, file deletions and name changes for compliance or audit trail purposes. IT managers are alerted in real-time and remediation workflows can be set-up in real-time to prevent malicious activities.

Comprehensive Compliance Reporting Per HIPAA Guidelines: Entreda Unify automatically generates event and usage logs for all built-in security apps. Furthermore, Unify generates HIPAA cybersecurity policies, risk profile reports and IT risk assessment reports inline with regulatory guidelines. All reports are accessible from the Unify dashboard and custom reports can be generated in real-time from the dashboard, at any time.

Entreda’s Unify for Healthcare provides the highest standards of cybersecurity to protect client information and assets while greatly reducing the time effort needed to achieve technology compliance in a single platform.

Pricing: Entreda Unify is designed to meet the needs of growing healthcare firms on a budget, with a pay-as-you-grow pricing model. Plans start at just $39 per user per month, non-inclusive of any group discounts. Benefits accrue as additional services or users are added.

About Entreda

Entreda developed its award-winning software platform, Unify, to help healthcare and financial services firms protect client information and assets with the highest standards of security.

Unify's cybersecurity policy enforcement software analyzes and monitors the servers, computers and tablets firms use in their businesses in order to verify enforcement of security best practices. Includes compliance with a comprehensive checklist that conforms to regulatory guidelines, allowing firms to automate much of the effort necessary to achieve technology compliance.

Entreda is a software company founded in 2011 with offices in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit http://www.entreda.com.


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