Does Your Firm Have a Written Cybersecurity Policy?

Having personally talked to hundreds of firms in the financial industry and the healthcare industry I can tell you that most of firms either don't have a written cybersecurity policy all together, or they have one that they dislike and/or are unsure of. In a time where cyber attacks are on the rise, and regulators from regulated industries are cracking down on firms, having a policy that is not only effective but being actively followed continuously by the entire firm is a NECESSITY!

Our application, Unify by Entreda, solves this problem in an efficient manner.

Unify is an automated cybersecurity risk management solution that takes care of your cybersecurity policy, and the continuous enforcement firm-wide of said policy all through one convenient application. We have seen over a thousand audits by firms we work with so we understand what happens during an audit and can help you be compliant with regulations, and most importantly provide evidence to show auditors that you have a cybersecurity policy which is being followed continuously by all your employees.

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