I'm Secure. All My Data's in the Cloud!

Being in the cybersecurity field, one of the most common statements I hear is, "All my data is in the cloud and it's protected, so i'm set from a cybersecurity standpoint."

This is, unfortunately, a very common misnomer. End-point protection (device protection) is one of the most important, and most overlooked items of cybersecurity. A majority of cyber-attacks that occur happen on endpoints. Whether a mobile device, a laptop, a desktop or a tablet. Cloud applications generally have layers of security surrounding it, making them very difficult for hackers to penetrate. End-points are much more susceptible to infiltration. This is why it is essential to protect your end-points because they are more likely to be targeted.

But I don't have any business, or personal data on my phone...it's all in the cloud, so even if my phone gets hacked hackers can't take anything of value from me!


Let me give you an example. Let's say your mobile phone gets hacked, and you try to access a cloud application with your infected phone. When you try to access a cloud application, the application has no idea that your device is infected. All it cares about is that you are inputting the correct username and password. And if you are inputting that correct information it will grant you access and you will put your data in the cloud at risk.

With endpoints increasing in popularity, (increase in mobile devices, tablets and laptops) we are more connected than ever, but also have more risks than ever. From a cybersecurity standpoint protecting your endpoint is more essential than ever.

With great power comes great responsibility...

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