Biggest Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise in the New Year...

Cybersecurity is an issue that has steadily escalated over the past several years, and seems to be only increasing as an area of importance for businesses.

Despite the increase in cyber-attacks a lot of businesses still do not seem to be taking their cybersecurity plans serious enough as we are continuing to see breaches. With 2016 coming to a close it is a good time to reflect on areas of cybersecurity throughout the year to see how everyone can better prepare for 2017.

Cyber attacks have increased in the medical field and this trend looking to continue through the years to come. Cybersecurity guidelines in the field through HIPPA regulators have heightened their scrutiny against firms to step up their security.

Areas of hackers seem to still be Ransomeware based - where hackers will take your files encrypt it and demand a payment in order to give your files back. Even the FBI suggests that in this situation you pay in order to retrieve the information as it is nearly impossible to de-crypt it once they have it encrypted. A popular example of this was the infamous CryptoLocker introduced to us in 2013.

Browser plug-ins are another large area of importance when it comes to cybersecurity since the average adult spends about 20 hours browsing the web a week, hackers will look for vulnerabilities within browsers to attempt to infiltrate your system.

These issues become more important the more a company has to offer hackers, which is why financial institutions and medical facilities are large targets for hackers having both lots of money on the line, and a lot of PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data.

It is now time for firms to realize cybersecurity is a real and live threat that we must protect against!

Entreda has a cybersecurity risk management platform, called Unify, that gives financial and medical firms the ability to keep their cybersecuirty posture as high as possible 24/7, and keep compliant with heightened scrutiny auditors from HIPPA, SEC, FINRA, and the state-board. This is achieved through monitoring devices, re-mediating non-compliance's, and generating reports about everything cybersecurity related.

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