Over Three Million Dollars lost from Recent Cyber Attack

A recent cyber-attack on Tesco Bank led to over three million dollars stolen from 9,000 customers.

The negative impact of the brand damage done by this cyber attack and others like it is catastrophic. The worst part about this attack is that the bank had gone through Vulnerability Testing (a mimic of a cyber-attack) prior to the breach and were aware of existing vulnerabilities within their network and did not properly address them.

Cyber-attacks like this are all too common and it seems there are still a lot of companies who don't think they will get hacked until they do. When it comes to cyber-security (or any security for that matter) it is always better to take a pro-active approach.

If someone, or some company, tells you they have a solution which will cover you 100% from all cyber-attacks their lying. All you can do is be as prepared as possible, be aware of risks that are out there, and proactively address those risks.

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