The hospitality industry is under ATTACK!

Cyber attacks against the hospitality industry are becoming increasingly common. Card breaches and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been acknowledged at: Trump Hotels, Hilton, HolidayInn and Hyatt just to name a few. While these big name hotel companies are likely to dedicate some serious money to their cybersecurity, it’s becoming clear that everyone is vulnerable. Not to mention PCI non-compliance fines, legal costs and reputation damage…

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the parent company of numerous hotels including Holiday Inn Hotels, confirmed 12 IHG managed properties suffered a credit card breach in late 2016. Investigations found that the breach stemmed from malicious software which was installed on point of sale servers at restaurants and bars.

Clearly with the adoption of IoT (internet of things) increasing, there is no limit to the number and types of devices that are susceptible to cyber attacks. Add multiple devices types in multiple locations and the risks multiply exponentially… You don’t have to be Trump international to realize that it is extremely important to have the requisite policies, controls and technologies in place to continually assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities across your mission-critical infrastructure and entire inventory of device types. Additionally, it is important that firms conduct 3rd party vulnerability and penetration tests as frequently as possible to ensure that existing vulnerabilities are addressed and new ones are prevented.

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