Everyday Cybersecurity Tip #1: Foreign Flash Drives

We are excited to introduce our new blog and video series: Everyday Cybersecurity Tips. We will be posting new blogs and videos every 2 weeks sharing tips that everyone can understand and should be following. Check back at http://www.entreda.com/blog to view the newest entries.

Our first video shows the danger of plugging a foreign flash drive into your computer.

What would you do if you found a flash drive that said “Important Client Data” or “Patient Files?” Would you open the unknown drive to find the owner? Would you throw it away?

Researchers have found that most people will plug in foreign flash drives in order to find the rightful owner. Though this may seem like a noble pursuit, it poses a major cyber risk. These drives could install malware, take control of your computer, or even destroy your entire machine, and antivirus may not be able to detect it. If you don’t know where a flash drive came from, don’t plug it in.

You can watch our video here: https://youtu.be/s8CAKexPNvY

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