Entreda launches 4 new services

Entreda is pleased to announce four new software services available on the Unify platform: Simulated Phishing, Security Awareness Training, Incident Response and 3rd Party Risk Management.

“With the addition of these four new services, we now have the ability to conduct continuous end-point compliance testing, network vulnerability assessments, user security awareness training and incident response all-in-one platform with unified compliance reporting,” said Sid Yenamandra, Founder & CEO, Entreda.

Simulated Phishing

Phishing is the malicious use of electronic communication to obtain sensitive, personal information. The Entreda phishing platform provides real-world email simulations with engaging security awareness modules. Simulated phishing is offered quarterly. Crowdsourced and customer contributed phishing messages are designed and tested to simulate real-world conditions. Our phishing emails do not land in spam/junk folders. People who click on phishing emails are automatically presented with anti-phishing education on the web page where they were phished and in follow-up emails.

Security Awareness Training

Entreda’s Security awareness training combines lectures with interactive exercises. Training modules are available for many different topics designed to educate employees about cybersecurity. Users will be promoted to complete specific training modules based on their cybersecurity weaknesses and all modules are available continuously on Entreda.

Incident Response

With growing number of cybersecurity incidents, firms are expected to maintain a documented Incident Response Plan (IRP). To this end, Unify includes an incident response service where firms can log all cybersecurity events with an escalation workflow set-up and response time analytics captured. Entreda Unify can also be integrated with 3rd party ticketing systems or support web applications to ensure that remediation workflows are invoked immediately.

Optionally, firms can utilize Entreda’s 24x7 cybersecurity team to investigate incidents and provide either remediation or trigger various cyber counter measures.

3rd Party Risk Management

Some vendors that firms work with may have access to sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII). If these vendors have weak cybersecurity plans, the firm can be affected. Entreda helps firms do their due diligence with 3rd party risk management. Entreda will inventory all of a firm’s third party vendors and determine which have access to PII. Entreda’s existing database is checked to see if there is a completed standard information gathering (SIG) form for a firm’s vendors. SIG forms in accordance with SEC/FINRA guidelines are acquired annually from vendors. Entreda verifies all information provided in the SIG forms for accuracy. This information can be viewed at any time on the Unify platform.


Please contact Entreda Sales (sales@entreda.com) to get more pricing information.

About Entreda

Entreda developed its award-winning software platform, Unify, to help financial services and healthcare firms protect client information and assets with the highest standards of security.

Unify's cybersecurity policy enforcement software analyzes and monitors users, policies and mission-critical Infrastructure technology in order to verify enforcement of security best practices and compliance to specific regulatory frameworks. The Unify platform delivers unprecedented levels of data transparency and allows firms to automate workflows necessary to achieve cybersecurity compliance.

Entreda is a software company with offices in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit http://www.entreda.com.


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