Entreda and CyberPolicy Partner to Offer Cyber Mitigation Software and Cyber Insurance in One Platfo

The new platform will combine Entreda’s Unify Risk Score, cybersecurity and compliance policy enforcement with cyber insurance. It’s the first time the financial services industry will have a way to centrally manage and distribute security solutions with cyber insurance online to Financial Representatives and Investment Advisors (IARs) in all 50 states.

Traditionally, there’s been a fragmented approach to mitigating cyber risk with Broker Dealers and Registered Investment Advisory Firms. Entreda’s Unify offering will enable Financial Representatives and Investment Advisors to purchase a customized cyber insurance policy in tandem with their compliance monitoring and enforcement.

“Many financial services firms wonder if they are fully covered against cyberattacks and regulatory fines if and when a breach happens,” explains Sid Yenamandra, CEO and Co-Founder of Entreda. “Cyber insurance complements cyber risk mitigation software in order to protect a business 100% when a breach happens.”

“We’re excited to partner with Entreda and extend CyberPolicy’s insurance offerings to the financial services industry,” said Keith Moore, CEO, CyberPolicy. “Having cyber insurance more easily available will help customers, Plan. Prevent. Insure. against unplanned cyber threats that could cripple an organization.”

Entreda’s combined security and insurance Unify platform is slated to debut this Summer 2018.

For additional information, please visit https://www.entreda.com.


About Entreda Entreda developed its award-winning software platform, Unify, to help regulated industries protect client information and assets with the highest standards of security. Unify’s cybersecurity policy enforcement software analyzes and monitors the servers, computers and tablets Financial Institutions use in their business in order to verify enforcement of security best practices. Includes compliance with a comprehensive checklist that conforms to regulatory guidelines, allowing them to automate much of the effort necessary to achieve technology compliance. Entreda is a software company founded in 2011 with offices in Santa Clara, California, Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia For more information, visit https://www.entreda.com

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About CyberPolicy In 2016 CyberPolicy became the world's first comparative site for cyber insurance, allowing small businesses to quote, compare and buy cyber insurance online in minutes. Since then, CyberPolicy has expanded its cyber insurance offerings to cover 98% of small businesses types with up to $250 million revenue and developed extensive complimentary cybersecurity offerings to help small businesses “Plan. Prevent. Insure.” against cyber attacks. CyberPolicy is a wholly‐owned subsidiary of CoverHound Inc.


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